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Exhibition at Kunstaplass(10)
Oslo Norway of September- of October 2017

September 27th 2017

September 27th 2017


Two videoanimations; Nostalghia, 2017 (a collapsing ship) and Nostalgia, 2014 (a ship in a storm). Departure, 2017 (a raining tree - installation outside the gallery). Exhibition at Kunstaplass(10), Oslo Norway, of September - of October 2017



July 23rd 2017


Lähtö-installation, Rauma Maritime Museum garden of July 2017
A linder tree has srated to rain water in the museum garden.
My father graduated from this building 1944 and became a captain.


January 5th 2017


I have made visualization to Minna Canth´s play Kauppa-Lopo. Premiere in Pori Theatre of January 2017

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September 5th 2015

Meilahti Hospital art competition

Jaakko  Niemelä won 2.nd Prize in Meilahti Hospital art competition with his proposal "Cones - Lanterns". His proposal consists of three big shiny metal Cones and the pine trees beside them, all elements lighted from inside with computer programmed RGBW - led lights.

September 2nd 2015

Olari Church

We are currently working with a public art project to Olari Church, Espoo Finland. We won the art competition last spring and our work should be ready in November 2015.

March 31st 2015

Easter uppdate to National Church Council´s Chappel

We have updated for Easter time new videoanimation to National Church Council´s Chappel

February 11th 2015


We have a retrospective exhibition at Helsinki Kunsthalle 24. 1.–8. 3. 2015 where we show our works from the last 18 years. 


October 3rd 2014

Niemelä at Sigrids Stue

I have been in Sigrids Stue residency in Århus from of August to of October 2014.

The plan is to make a comics - lightart - instalation to a building which will be taken apart together with local people.

November 20th 2013

Niemelä ja Hietanen at Saaren Kartano

We have been invited to "Koneen Säätiön Saaren Kartanon" - residency  at Mynämäki Finland for eight months, beginning from September 2013 and ending April 2014.